Field Movement Screen Overview

REV Soccer Club has partnered with Viverant to offer its athletes convenient access to therapy, nutrition, and performance training services specifically geared to improve athlete training off and output on the field.

One service Viverant offers to REV athletes is a Field Movement Screen. This screen will help identify functional limitations and asymmetries that may be jeopardizing the body and its healthy motion. Through this screening process, Viverant can identify limitations that can lead to common soccer-related injuries such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, more serious injuries like ligament ruptures or muscle tears. This will allow athletes to work on addressing these findings, build a plan around preventing them in the future, and then progress to optimize their training with these corrections in place. The result will be optimized training with a lower risk of injury.


Viverant’s Field Movement Screen will include the following:

  • Assessment for inherent or potential muscle weakness and / or imbalance created by previous untreated or undertreated injury or improper training.
  • Assessment of poor biomechanics during common exercise movements.
  • Identification of performance optimization areas specific to each athlete.
  • Demonstration of functional limitations from previous injuries due to an incomplete recovery process


This approach is specifically geared to ensure the athletes of REV Soccer Club are poised for a successful, injury-free season!

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